Banking & Finance

Achieve the best ROI and CX with premiere customer support

Current Landscape

Engage or Lose

Over half of finance app users (53%) drop off because they don’t see the app’s continued value. Financial service providers should innovate continuously and tailor experiences to retain customer interest and loyalty.

The Human Touch

A significant majority, 66% of banking and 57% of investment consumers opt to call when making a purchase, underscoring the enduring value of personal interaction in financial decisions.

The trillion-dollar call

In a digital-first era, voice calls influence over $1 trillion in consumer spending in the US alone, highlighting the unparalleled convenience and trust customers place in live conversations for their financial transactions.

Why should you partner with Ktech?

6 decades of excellence

Quality is in our DNA. For over half a century, we have been implementing industry-leading practices to facilitate exceptional client experiences and we can do the same for you.

Global talent

Serving clients across the globe, we offer a highly-skilled workforce, positioning us as the prime ally for financial institutions aiming to amplify client experiences.

Client relationship management

Our expertise in nurturing long-term relationships enables us to tackle challenges and strengthen connections between global businesses and their customers. With K-tech, client relationships mature into lasting relationships, with every interaction paving the way toward enduring customer satisfaction.

What We Do?

Through our customer support expertise, we address the unique challenges and opportunities within the banking and financial industry. Our offerings are designed to enhance security, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Innovate secure digital banking & financial services

For banks and financial platforms, we offer custom solutions that fuse safety with innovation, meticulously aligned with your brand’s goals and your customers’ expectations. Our suite of customer-centric services is engineered to enhance the security and efficiency of digital banking experiences for your customers:

Robust financial safeguards

Implement Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) measures to protect against financial crimes, ensuring your operations remain compliant and secure.

Customized funding solutions

Tailor funding strategies to support the growth and scalability of financial operations, aligning with your business and customers’ needs.

Precise payment scrutiny

Conduct thorough payment screening to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, maintaining the integrity of financial exchanges.

Efficient chargeback handling

Specialized chargeback services to manage disputes effectively, reducing financial loss and maintaining customer trust.

E2E business transaction oversight

Utilizing advanced monitoring techniques to oversee business transactions, ensuring transparency and compliance across operations.

Secure the future of finance and art with Cryptocurrency & NFT Services

We offer robust protection for investments and creative works in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. Our comprehensive, customer-centric support system is crafted to ensure a secure, fast, and reliable environment for investors and artists alike.

Omni-channel support

24/7 assistance across voice, chat, email, and in-app platforms to cater to digital investors and creators at their convenience.

Fraud Protection

Cutting-edge technology for fraud detection and prevention, securing valuable digital assets against emerging threats.

Vigilant transaction oversight

Monitoring transactions in real-time to ensure the integrity and security of digital exchanges.

Digital footprint management

Utilizing social media scraping and content moderation to protect and enhance online presence.

Secure financial transactions with comprehensive payment solutions

In the digital age, securing online payments is paramount. Our services are designed to protect your customers’ transactions with advanced security measures, ensuring peace of mind for both providers and users.

Round-the-clock support

Continuous support to keep payment systems running smoothly at all times.

Efficient dispute resolution

Handling disputes swiftly to maintain trust and reduce financial friction.

Technical troubleshooting

Real-time, expert technical support to address payment challenges instantly.

Maximize ROI with data-driven insights

Enhance your investment services by utilizing big data for operational efficiency and trend analysis. Besides boosting profits, our support significantly improves customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive investor support

Delivering 24/7 assistance for uninterrupted investment activities.

In-depth KYC & KYB research

Enhancing security and compliance via thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) research.

Proactive fraud management

Implementing strategic fraud detection and prevention to protect investments

Ensure uninterrupted operations with end-to-end digital lending services

We specialize in crafting exceptional user experiences for both startups and established Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) providers, ensuring seamless service from start to finish, 24/7.

Merchant-focused dispute handling

Streamlining dispute intake and resolution to maintain strong merchant relationships.

Advanced fraud defense

Employing proactive measures for fraud detection and prevention, ensuring a secure lending environment.

Maximize returns, elevate customer experience